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2022/08/30 08:58

Everyone has seen a lot about the use of carbon fiber in life. To put it bluntly, carbon fiber equipment is actually the equipment for producing carbon fiber. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the role of carbon fiber equipment.

1. Carbon fiber equipment not only has the inherent intrinsic characteristics of carbon materials, but also has the soft processability of textile fibers, and also strengthens the fibers. Carbon fibers with carbon content higher than 90% are inorganic polymer fibers, and those with carbon content higher than 99% are called graphite fibers.

2. The axial strength and modulus of carbon fiber equipment are high, and there is no creep. Carbon fiber equipment has good fatigue resistance, specific heat and electrical conductivity are between non-metals and metals, and the thermal expansion coefficient is relatively small. Because the impact resistance of carbon fiber equipment is not very good, it is easy to damage, so oxidation will occur under the action of strong acid, and metal carbonization, carburization and electrochemical corrosion will occur when it is combined with metal. Everyone needs to carry out surface treatment before using carbon fiber equipment.

3. Carbon fiber equipment can be processed into fabrics, felts, mats, belts, paper and other materials. Carbon fiber equipment is used in addition to thermal insulation materials. Usually this type is not used alone, and is generally used for reinforcing materials added to resins, metals, ceramics, concrete and other materials to form composite materials.

4. Composite materials reinforced by carbon fiber equipment can be used as body substitute materials such as aircraft structural materials, electromagnetic shielding and antistatic materials, and can also be used in the manufacture of rocket shells, motor ships, and industrial robots.

5. Carbon fiber produced by carbon fiber equipment can be used in golf clubs, tennis rackets, racing cars, bows and arrows, jumping rods, ice hockey sticks, yachts, rowing boats, gliders, human-powered planes, sailing masts, motorcycles and mountaineering supplies in sports, such as Trekking poles, ski poles, climbing helmets, etc.

The above are some detailed introductions of the role of carbon fiber equipment in this intervention. I hope it will help you after reading it.

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