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T13-SKJG50-B CNC keyboard type pipe rolling machine

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Technical parameters
Specification of upper aluminum plate: 1500mm in length * 500mm in width, 1500mm in coil length (The length can be customized according to requirements)
Lower plate: The lower plate is of a piano key structure, and the key plate can float up and down. The hardness of the key plate is controlled by adjusting the airbag pressure
Spacing between upper and lower plates: 120 ~ 130mm, 
With a diameter of less than 80mm for the coil (The spacing between the upper and lower boards can be customized according to requirements)
Up and down lifting of the upper plate: Pneumatic control is adopted, and the cylinders are in series, with adjustable falling pressure and back pressure buffering function
Moving the lower plate forward and backward: Driven by a motor, driven by a ball screw, and variable frequency speed regulation
Control method: The electrical control system adopts a touch screen interface, and parameters such as coil travel, plate lowering speed, and heating temperature can be set through the touch screen
Work ability: 2200 ~ 2700 sections/shift
Power: 3KW+0.75KW
Power supply: 380V/50Hz, Three-phase four wire+grounding wire
Air source: 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa
External dimensions: Left and right 1800 * Front and rear 1600 * Height 2320mm

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