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T18-CNC High-precision pointed tube rolling machine

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Technical parameters
Specification of upper aluminum plate: Length 2200 * Width 300mm, coil length 2100mm (Length can be customized according to requirements)
Specification of lower aluminum plate: Length 2200 * Width, large end 
400mm, small end 250mm (Length can be customized according to requirements)
Spacing between upper and lower plates: 80 ~ 90mm, With a coil diameter of less than 10mm
Upper plate lifting: Adopts pneumatic control, with adjustable falling pressure and back pressure buffering function. The pressure value is digitally displayed in kilograms through a dedicated instrument, and the pressure center can move left and right
Lower plate: It moves in an arc shape before and after, driven by a motor, driven by a ball screw, variable frequency speed regulation, and the position of the center point of the circle can be adjusted left and right
Control method: The electrical control system adopts a touch screen interface, and parameters such as coil travel, plate lowering speed, and heating temperature can be set through the touch screen
Work ability: 1000 ~ 1500 sections/shift
Power: 3KW+0.75KW
Power supply: 380V/50Hz, Three-phase four wire+grounding wire
Air source: 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa
External dimensions: 3500*800*1780mm

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