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T42-CNC double head precision cutting machine

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Technical parameters
Purpose: This machine is a new type of double head automatic pipe cutting machine, mainly used for glass fiber and fiber pipe materials. 
Both ends are cut and fixed in length at the same time, with accurate dimensions and high verticality of the end face.
Cutting diameter: φ10 ~ φ36mm (Customizable)
Cutting length range: 320 ~ 1600mm (The shortest 320mm is immutable, and the 1600mm length can be customized)
Cutting wall thickness range: 1 ~ 5mm
Cutting method: Pipe rotation, CNC driven precision fixed length cutting
Cutting length accuracy: ± 0.05mm, verticality accuracy: ± 0.05mm
Cutter speed: 12000 ~ 20000 rpm
Power: 0.8KW * 2+0.4KW * 2+0.75KW * 2+0.9KW
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Air source: 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa
External dimensions: 2850*1050*1800mm

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