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T53-MT1040A Centerless grinding machine

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Technical parameters
Grinding diameter: φ1.5mm ~ φ40mm
Grinding wheelspecification :PSA350*125*127mm
Guide wheel specification: PSA250*125*75mm
Grinding wheel speed: 1870 Guide wheel speed: 18 ~ 220
Guide wheel rotation angle: In vertical plane: -2 ~ +40, in horizontal plane: 0 ~ +3
Hand wheel scale feed rate: 0.002mm
Height from the connection between the grinding wheel and the guide wheel center to the bracket surface: 190mm
Total power of machine tool: 9.5KW
Machine weight: 2000kg
Externaldimensionsofmachinetools : 1550*1300*1405mm
Working accuracy roundness: 2um
Cylindricity: 5um
Roughness: 0.32um

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