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T21-TWC36-II Horizontal lifting roller CNC winding machine

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Technical parameters
Winding diameter: φ1 ~ φ36mm, Supported by long rollersRoller length: 2600mm, Winding length 2400mm (roller and winding 
length can be customized)Roller structure: Supported by columns at both ends, with upper and lower handwheels for lifting and lowering, movable left and right, and double pneumatic lifting rollers in the middle for stable rotation
Working mode: BOPP tape, carbon tape, dual purpose tape wrapping, 
and with carbon tape film retraction function Control method: Touch screen, PLC constant tension, decreasing tension, segmented tension, automatic belt distance control
Tension setting range: 1 ~ 10kg, Control accuracy 0.1kg
Sliding plate: Driven by servo motor and driven by synchronous belt (optional ball screw drive)
Belt guide plate angle method: Servo motor drive, reducer drive, CNC angle, angle range of 45 °
Work ability: 600 ~ 1000 sections/shift
Power: Motor power 2.9KW
Power supply: 380V/50Hz, Three-phase four wire+grounding wire
Air source: 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa
External dimensions: 4400*1000*1380mm

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