Repair The Machine

Main features: the machine were used ball screw transmission, transmission smooth, round can separate speed, rlling speed, high work efficiency.

DH-2200 Vertical Mark Printing Machine

Focus on the production of fishing rods and golf clubs manufacturing equipment, and successfully extended to other industries in the field of large-diameter glass fiber tube, carbon fiber tube roll forming equipment.

CS-36B Automatic Spiral Grooving Machine

The machine can use high speed motor drive alloy tooth shape knife to the rod end of rod B to Work, processing thread, smooth, even, also can drive diamond sharpener to the inner section of the rod chimera is processed by anti-lock spiral groove. The pitch size can be digitized by the touch screen. easy to operate, High precision, is a new multi - purpose automatic equipment, is the necessary choice for the production of high-grade staff.

Automatic Zhang Cloth Cutting Machine

Main features: the machine is a set by the touch screen cloth cutting size, cloth cutting parameters such as number of automatic cloth cutting machine, which can be pre cut into large pieces of carbon cloth, multilayer together with automatic pusher, cut into equal width of cloth, effectively improves the work efficiency, reduce the production cost,

Large Fully Automatic Cutting Machine

Main features: the machine size, quantity, speed, knife cut cloth damage alarming parameters are set by the touch screen, and cutting speed, precise size, material saving, work efficiency is 2 times more than traditional double cut cloth, basically complete set to management that can automatically after work, effectively reduce the labor costs.

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