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Repair The Machine

Main features: the machine were used ball screw transmission, transmission smooth, round can separate speed, rlling speed, high work efficiency.

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Repair The Machine

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Repair The Machine

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Ud Prepreg Machine

The unidirectional prepreg equipment is mainly used for the manufacture of unidirectional prepreg and fabric prepreg for resin system with viscosity of 300000CP and 3K, 6K, 12k.50K carbon fibers.   

Hot Oil Furnact

Application: By electric heating way, the heat conduction oil, transfer of heat to bedplate of hot-pressing machine, heating for product model, complete cure, the characterized by multiple pressure machine heating at the same time, and uniform heating temperature, curing effect is good.

Large Diameter Three Roll Roll Mill

Main features: the machine used for volume of large diameter carbon fiber, glass fiber pipe, the volume of close, making large diameter pipe composite is the best choice.

Hydraulic Lift

Purpose:through the motor drives the front and back of the trolley, and the hydraulic cylinder drives the platform up and down, helping the mold to transfer and transfer between the operating table and the hot press.

Hydraulic Open/Close Mould Roller Table

Main features: coil pipe pressure, volume, speed, roll length, etc. all operation parameters for computer digital setting.

FHJ-500 Carbon Fabric Composite Machine

Main features: the machine by heating, with a conveyor belt roller, of two kinds of carbon fiber pre dipped cloth lamination, fast and convenient, with stickers with the use, work efficiency.

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