Hydraulic Open/Close Mould Roller Table

Main features: coil pipe pressure, volume, speed, roll length, etc. all operation parameters for computer digital setting.

Hot Oil Furnact

Application: By electric heating way, the heat conduction oil, transfer of heat to bedplate of hot-pressing machine, heating for product model, complete cure, the characterized by multiple pressure machine heating at the same time, and uniform heating temperature, curing effect is good.

Hydraulic Pump Station

Application:provide moulding machine by means of hydraulic lifting driving force of the opening and closing, closing pressure, lifting speed, opening and closing action, all can control, can control a single compressor, can also be equipped with electromagnetic valve, to control many sets of compressor oil block.

Hydraulic Lift

Purpose:through the motor drives the front and back of the trolley, and the hydraulic cylinder drives the platform up and down, helping the mold to transfer and transfer between the operating table and the hot press.

Chiller, Cooling Tower

Application; after the solidification of moulding products is finished, the cooling tower can be cooled by cooling water machine and cooling tower, so that the mold can be cooled quickly, shorten the production cycle and improve the working efficiency.

TLY-A Type Cold Press

Focus on the production of fishing rods and golf clubs manufacturing equipment, and successfully extended to other industries in the field of large-diameter glass fiber tube, carbon fiber tube roll forming equipment.

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