Automatic Zhang Cloth Cutting Machine

Main features: the machine is a set by the touch screen cloth cutting size, cloth cutting parameters such as number of automatic cloth cutting machine, which can be pre cut into large pieces of carbon cloth, multilayer together with automatic pusher, cut into equal width of cloth, effectively improves the work efficiency, reduce the production cost,

Large Fully Automatic Cutting Machine

Main features: the machine size, quantity, speed, knife cut cloth damage alarming parameters are set by the touch screen, and cutting speed, precise size, material saving, work efficiency is 2 times more than traditional double cut cloth, basically complete set to management that can automatically after work, effectively reduce the labor costs.

Automatic Corner Cutting Machine

The machine adopts the touch screen to set the process parameters. The servo motor drives the cutter to turn the corner.large multi-layer carbon fiber cloth, fiberglass cloth for small pieces, can be either cut trapezoidal cloth or it can effectively free the labor force by cutting the rectangular cloth, cutting the size accurately and making the operation simple and safe.lmprove work efficiency, reduce production cost, is a new type of cutting equipment.

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