Large Diameter Three Roll Roll Mill

Main features: the machine used for volume of large diameter carbon fiber, glass fiber pipe, the volume of close, making large diameter pipe composite is the best choice.

Gantry Ball Screw Pipe Machine

Purpose: this machine is used for rlling fiberglass tube with large diameter and long length.Carbon fiber pipe, upper plate with three cylinder lower pressure, lower plate ball screw drive,It is a necessary choice for making all kinds of pipes.

Double Cantilever Ball Screwrolling Pipe Winding Machine

Purpose: this machine is used for rolling, large diameter or taper change of carbon fiber pipe,Fiberglass tube is characterized by high double cantilever strength and three cylinder pressure separately.Single adjustable, solve the traditional single cylinder winding machine, the middle pressure is big.The problem of small pressure at both ends can ensure the integral rolling of the tube.

SKJG-50 Hoizontal Band Winding Machine

Main features: coil pipe pressure, volume, speed, roll length, etc. all operation parameters for computer digital setting.

TJG50-D Top RollL Maghing

Main features: The machine were used ball screw transmission, transmission smooth, round can separate speed, rolling speed, high work eficiency.

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