Different kinds of fishing rods have different functional characteristics!

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Different kinds of fishing rods have different functional characteristics!

    Different  kinds of fishing rods have different functional characteristics!
1, soft rods

A fishing rod with a length of 4/10 is called a soft rod. The bending part reaches to the middle part of the pole from the tip of the pole. It is elastic and not easy to escape from the hook. Due to the large deformation of the pole, it is more interesting to fish, but its strength is lower, so it is not easy to fish in the dense water and grass.
2. Medium hard pole

The fishing rod with soft belt accounted for 3/10 of the length is called medium hard rod. The rod is moderately hard, good and elastic, suitable for fishing in water plants. It is a versatile fishing rod.
3, hard rods

The fishing rod with the soft belt accounting for 2/10 of the length is called hard rod. The rod is strong and only the tip of the rod is bent when catching fish.
4, the bamboo rods

Bamboo is the longest - used traditional fishing rod. According to written records, bamboo fishing rods have a history of at least 2,500 years in China.
Bamboo poles are divided into sections and sections. Market bamboo poles are mainly divided into sections, some are 3-4 sections, and some are 7-8 sections, which are mainly inserted.
Bamboo is cheap, strong, but light weight, large size, not straight enough, poor elasticity, the majority of fishermen abandoned.
5. Fiberglass rods


Glass rods are made of phenolic resin and fiberglass. Compared with bamboo, fiberglass rod is more light and strong, elastic, ductile, beautiful and generous, the rod body is straight and easy to carry.
Multi - system contained telescopic structure. The length of the pole ranges from 3 to 9 meters and the number of sections ranges from 3 to 10. The price of fiberglass rod is moderate and many fishermen can afford it economically.
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