Processing characteristics of carbon fiber tubes

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Carbon fiber pipe also known as carbon fiber pipe is carbon fiber and resin combined production of tubular products, commonly used production methods for carbon fiber preprepreprepreprepreprepreprepre

Carbon fiber pipe also known as carbon fiber pipe is carbon fiber and resin combined production of tubular products, commonly used production methods for carbon fiber preprepreprepreprepreprepreprepreprepreprepreprepreprepretreatment reel, carbon fiber wire extrusion, winding and other methods. Different types and sizes of carbon fiber tubes can be made according to the adjustment of the mould in the production process. The surface of carbon fiber tube can be beautified in the production process. At present, the surface of carbon fiber tube is 3k matte plain lines, matte twill, glossy twill, and so on. What are the properties of carbon fiber tubes? Let's give you a brief introduction.
What are the properties of carbon fiber tubes?
Carbon fiber pipe is the main material for carbon fiber, carbon fiber tensile strength, soft and easy processing, especially mechanical properties are very good. Carbon fiber has high tensile strength and light weight. Compared with other high performance fibers, carbon fiber has the highest specific strength and modulus. Carbon fiber as a reinforced material and resin matrix composite is the best in terms of specific strength and specific modulus.
The specific strength of carbon fiber resin composites, that is, the ratio of strength to density of materials, can reach more than 2000MPa. So generally speaking, carbon fiber pipe has the advantages of high strength, wear-resisting, acid-resisting, light weight and so on. In addition, the product has a stable size, electric conduction, heat conduction, small thermal expansion coefficient, self-lubrication, energy absorption and seismic performance. It has many advantages such as high modulus, fatigue resistance, creep resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
Specification of carbon fiber pipe
Carbon fiber tubes generally have square tubes, round tubes, special-shaped tubes and other forms. The processing methods include winding, drawing and winding, and the surface can be divided into plain, twill and pure black. Carbon fiber tubes are usually between 5 and 120 mm in diameter and up to 10 m in thickness.
The product quality of carbon fiber pipe is greatly influenced by the porosity of processing, and the gap has a great influence on the interlayer shear strength, bending strength and bending modulus. The tensile strength decreased relatively slowly with the increase of porosity. The tensile modulus is less affected by porosity.
Application fields of carbon fiber tubes:
1. It is widely used in aerospace, aerospace, architecture, mechanical equipment, military industry, sports and leisure and other structural materials based on its mechanical properties of light, strong and light.
2. Make use of its features of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good perpendicularity (0.2mm) and high mechanical strength to make the product applicable to the transmission shaft of PCB printing equipment.
3. Make use of its fatigue resistance and apply it to helicopter blades; Using its vibration attenuation, it is applied to audio equipment.
4. It is applicable to tents, building materials, mosquito nets, lifting rods, ball bags, luggage, advertising exhibition stands, umbrellas, windsails, fitness equipment, archery poles, clubs, golf practice nets, flagpole switch pins, water sports equipment, etc.
5. Make use of its light weight and good toughness, so that the product is suitable for kites, flying saucers, bowbacks, electric aircraft, and all kinds of toys.

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