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Weihai Tonglian, the housewarming!


Weihai Tonglian, the housewarming!

       At 11:18 am on September 15, 2021, with the rumbling of firecrackers, the Tonglian family officially opened the prelude to the relocation of Building 2 of the Tonglian Park to Building 1. The address of Tonglian Precision Machinery is still that address, No. 15, Haoshan Road, Chucun Town, High District, Weihai City, but the office area has been officially moved from Building 2 to Building 1. The office is on the 1th,2th, 5th floor. Customers and friends who come to our company for business, please find the corresponding floor for business matching.

     Thank you to all the members of Tonglian for their unity and efforts to create brilliant achievements, and thank all customers, leaders and friends who trust and support the development of Tonglian for helping us to a higher level!



Add:Weihai City Village Industrial Area Road South Hao Road

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