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Busy 2021 shipping daily!


Busy 2021 shipping daily!

2021 is a busy is much busy than before, Tonglian’s equipment orders have been increasing day by day! The sales department is busy receiving orders, the technical department is busy making technical plans, the production workshop is busy producing, and the logistics department is busy delivering goods. Tonglian people are busy at their respective jobs. Just to let customers and friends receive Tonglian's high-quality, cost-effective equipment as soon as possible, with the best machiens and abundant financial resources.

2021 is a year of both opportunities and challenges. Tonglian keeps up with the trend of the times, always adheres to the concept of "Integrity, Quality, Responsibility, and Gratitude", and has developed and grown step by step to today, which has experienced more than ten years. Tonglian equipment is sold nationwide and exported to Japan, the United States, Germany, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Turkey, Russia and many other countries. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the company. Welcome all customers to visit and guide Tonglian!

The following are the wonderful moments of Tonglian's daily delivery!




This is only a small part of the daily delivery. Now Tonglian sends large and small equipment to all parts of the country every day. Thank you very much for those customers and friends who have recognized the quality of Tonglian equipment! 

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