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Tonglian family 18 th anniversary of the factory outdoor activities wonderful moments!

weihai tonglian 18th anniversary of factory.weihai tonglian

                      Tonglian family 18 th anniversary of the factory outdoor activities wonderful moments!

October 19, 2019.19 is the 18th anniversary of tonglian factory and the 10th anniversary of tonglian housewarming. General manager of tonglian company and accountant ma have arranged interesting outdoor recreational activities for all the families of tonglian. The location will be farm 51. Next with small make up to look at the wonderful content of our activities!

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First, under the guidance of the tour guide, we carried out a team PK activity. This activity tests the ability of team members to work closely together. We first played the "one dollar and fifty cents game" in which the boy represented one dollar and the girl represented fifty cents. The game also has a very interesting rhyme "unicycle, run fast, sitting on the top of an old lady, to a piece to give fifty cents, how much you end up giving" after the rhyme, the guide said 1.5 yuan, on behalf of a dollar a boy to quickly and on behalf of five cents a girl embrace together, gather together into 1.5 yuan. The warm-up game after the end of the team really began the PK game. There are leggings striding forward games, there are transport ball games......

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Secondly, we have a group food cooking PK, the ingredients are picked up in the small farm garden, of course, the owner ma accountant also gave us an extra cooking, added a plate of shrimp, a fish... Before dinner, everyone sang "happy birthday" to tonglian family members who celebrated their birthdays in October. General manager yu and accountant ma personally presented birthday presents to tonglian family members. Everyone's face is filled with a happy smile. Although it is PK, but after the food, each group is the first. Because every table has its own specialty.

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You think it's over. Of course not. After dinner, we had a rest, we went to visit the farm animals, of course, the most interesting is the little pig diving. Under everyone's full expectation, little sweet pigs like a little angel, shiny debut, elegant after, plop plop into the water, after each little sweet pig fell into the water did not float for a while. One minute on the stage is years of work.

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Then we played a game of bouncing a ball on a drum, which could fully mobilize every nerve in every team member's body. Some groups work very well together and can bounce more than ten times in a row. The difficulty of the game is again the same as everybody pulling in the same direction.
Finally is our most happy moment, to apple orchard pick apples. A red and big apple to look at the mouth. The bite is crisp and sweet, delicious. Happy day in such a happy atmosphere technology.

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