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Highlights of the Moscow exhibition(iv)!

2019 Moscow exhibition,weihai tonglian

Highlights of the Moscow exhibition(iv)!

This trip to the exhibition in Moscow, let us deeply feel the exotic customs, especially the architectural style is particularly shocking. This spectacular architecture is everywhere in Russia. Most are churches. But the exhibition also happens to coincide with the peak tourist season in Russia, with many groups of Chinese tourists in the attractions. Deeply feel the prosperity of the motherland! Weihai tonglian will keep up with the pace of The Times, strive to advance with The Times, constantly promote the development of carbon fiber products equipment, strive for social progress, and contribute to our strength!
The wonderful content sharing of the Russian exhibition is over, and weihai international exhibition is coming soon. Welcome new and old customers and friends to visit and guide us! Weihai exhibition be there or be square!

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